FKT: Ian Seabury - Trans-Catalina Trail (CA) - 2021-06-05

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6h 13m 29s
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No photos this time around. Rachel and I arrived on Catalina the night before and camped out at Hermit Gulch. Saturday morning, we got some breakfast and walked on down to Trailhead, with her taking off at 6:41am and me at around 7:15am. Weather was much cooler than last time, inland temps only seldom even got into the 70s. Still warm enough to appreciate the cold campground showers though!

There's maybe 7 easy minutes left for me to shave off, between not going into Two Harbors (there's a public spigot and restroom I keep forgetting about just after you begin the Isthmus/Parson's loop that makes that little leg unnecessary) and not dunking myself into the ocean at Parson's (it's just so inviting!). But outside of going on a really chilly day (which are rare, since, well, island), these 28 minutes were easy, but the last 13 minutes to get this beneath 6 hours is going to be much more challenging. A faster runner should be able to do it without many problems, especially if you leave some hips for that last gnarly uphill/downhill on the Parson's loop.

If anyone needs beta, let me know! I've got plenty at this point.