Route: Trans-Catalina Trail (CA)

California, US

The Trans-Catalina Trail used to run the length of Santa Catalina Island, about 38 miles, from Avalon to Starlight Beach at the north end of the island.  It's northern end was recently rerouted to make transportation easier, so that now the trail goes to Parson's Landing and loops back to Two Harbors.  The 2012 FKT listed for Aaron Flynn was for the old route (the spur out from Parsons Landing to Starlight beach is also shown on our map, but is no long part of the "official" route shown on this map.)

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I know it's auto-populated by Strava, but doesn't the Trans-Catalina Trail loop back from Parson's to Two Harbors, and not continue to Starlight beach?

They changed it a few years ago.  It used to end at Starlight Beach.  Logistically, should be a better & easier now.  Ending at Starlight was pretty brutal;  you had to hike another 10 miles or so back to Two Harbors.  

Where is the official finish now that the trail has changed? If it ends at Two Harbors that adds about 3.5 miles compared to the old finish at Starlight Beach. I'm okay with it adding a bit of mileage, just want to make sure I'm finishing at the right spot before making an attempt.

I'd say lets just call the old FKT valid, but for future reference let's follow the official trail and loop back to Two Harbors from Parson's instead of going to Starlight. That also means that (if you'd prefer) you can complete it going southbound as well, doing the Parson's loop at the beginning. I don't think that's too objectionable.

I enjoyed this discussion, I have looked and questioned this myself. If someone runs this following the new official trail, let's make sure Peter gets notified with a fresh GPX file to update this map with

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