FKT: Ian Van Dusen - Three Fingered Jack (OR) - 2022-10-09

Route variation
Summit and Circumnavigation
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 51m 14s

Beautiful day in the Central Oregon Cascades. I started around 9:15 AM and wish I started 2 hours or so earlier because the sun started to beat down in the afternoon. The first 6 miles were great, slightly uphill and a little sandy but good to get a big climb out of the way early. I wasn't planning on doing the summit but sent it after seeing how close the trail went to the base of the south ridge and talking to some climbers. I recommend getting to the vegetated patch of the ridge as quickly as possible because the ground is super slidey. Once on the ridge, it is easy to follow the trail, with a couple of traverses to take slowly to get to the base of the summit block. Quite low 5 grade but certainly qualifies as a 20-foot solo to the summit. Beautiful views of cascades, although the distant air was smokey. Once down from the summit, cruised back down the trail to get back to the PCT. I filled up water at the big lake on the north end, no filter, and kept a strong pace thru the burns and hills on the backside! Super fun day. This time is beatable and can probably be pushed to around 4:00 but will need someone who is a strong runner and competent climber.