Route: Three Fingered Jack (OR)

Submitted by Abran Moore on Sat, 07/18/2020 - 11:06pm
Oregon, US
21.5 mi
Vertical Gain
3,940 ft

Loop: (21.5 miles, 3140' elevation gain)

Santiam pass PCT trail head


PCT North

~10 miles:  Right Turn at Minto Pass Trail down to Wasco lack

Right turn Old Summit Trail and continue to Jack Lake parking area 

~13 miles at parking area continue on to Square lake

~19 miles stay right at Square lake and continue on Old Summit Trail to the PCT

Left on PCT back to Trail head.

Up & down from Santiam Pass TH:  (12.6 miles, 2900' elevation gain)


Woo! Going to run this tomorrow morning. Trail conditions are pretty good for mid July since it has been so toasty, so that should be a plus! 

Yo! Going to attempt both the ascent and car to car records on Saturday October 7th. Weather looks alright and I'm hoping the recent rain made the trail a little more packed. I heard rumors of a chunk falling off the crawl in the last few weeks that supposedly makes the climbing more difficult. I will try to verify if this is true or not. Wish me luck on my first FKT! Stoked for my third time up this rugged beauty.