FKT: Isaac Brown - Siltstone & Scott's Gap Trails (KY) - 2020-05-17

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
2h 56m 1s

I started at the Siltstone Trail Head closest to the visitors center. Looking at the original route submitted and the write up it looks like they started at the trail head in the gravel parking lot which is a little bit shorter. I feel that this route should start and end at the trail head closest to the visitors center as this is the farthest route and lets you touch every foot of the trail. Regardless of that Sarah's time was absolutely amazing and that is one bad woman. The trails were muddy and the humidity was through the roof due to all the rain we have received. I started around 7:30 AM. My Garmin struggled to keep a signal on parts of the Scott's Gap Trail due to it being overcast and the high amount of tree cover. I 100% stayed on trail and completed all of Scott's Gap going counter clockwise.