Route: Siltstone & Scott's Gap Trails (KY)

Kentucky, US
15.7 mi

16 miles of beautiful trail outside Louisville, KY. Siltstone trail is approximately 13 miles, out and back, and the Scott's Gap loop is 3 miles done in the middle. The trail has over 3,000 feet of gain, with plenty of roots and rocks, but is mostly runnable.

--submitted by Sara Mahoney

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I'll be attempting this tomorrow morning at about 6:30am.  Solo, unsupported.

Did you start from the Welcome Center, or from the Gazebo down the paved path? While I will by no means beat your time, I might try to beat 2:45 next weekend. I will probably run out and back over the 13 miles that do not include the Scott's Gap tomorrow to see how that goes. 

I started/ended at Mitchell Hill Road.  Good luck!

The weather tomorrow looks perfect, and I plan to take a shot at this one.

I missed the record by about 9 minutes, but had a great, hard run. Gorgeous day, sweet trail. Nice mix of ridge-tops and lowlands, with wonderful stands of beeches and oaks, among others. The trail was well maintained--and busy compared to the trails I'm accustomed to. Much respect to Justin for a strong time on this route!