FKT: Isaac Sinclair - Evan's Notch Loop - 2022-09-16

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6h 5m 17s
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On Friday Sep 16th while on some time off from work, I decided to run the Evan's Notch Loop for a nice long run. I wanted to try and give the attempt a strong effort. I started off the day on stone house road by the gate where I parked my car. I felt a bit sore and had a few slow climbs to start. There were lots of beautiful cruiser miles on the ridge, but I felt like my strongest running came near the end after crossing 113. I got turned around a few times, and also spent a good bit of time fumbling my sweaty phone checking Gaia, I believe this route could be done faster with more preparation and knowledge of the trail. I am looking forward to seeing more efforts on this stunning loop. Overall I had a wonderful day, Evan's Notch is a lesser frequented gem of the White Mountains.