FKT: Isack Igenge - Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) - 2019-05-03

Route variation
Sea to Summit
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
12d 2h 20m 0s

Starts from Tanga harbor and follows the road all the way To Kilimanjaro region and Marangu gate! (about 350km from Tanga to Marangu)

I’m a guide here at Kilimanjaro National Park and a Tanzanian native!

By law I need to have another guide accompany me anytime I go up the mountain.  [Admin note:  Normally being accompanied in this way would be considered "supported", but in this case since the other guides did not help Isack and because being accompanied in this way is required by National Park rules, we allow for a self supported designation.]

I asked two fellow guides to climb with me. I started the trek the Sunday of April 21st at 4PM and trekked 5 days straight resting on Saturday then finishing on Sunday the 28th of April at 7:10 PM at Marangu gate. Took 3 days off to rest and on Thursday the 2nd Of May around 1PM we left from Marangu gate for Horombo Huts where we spent the night. The next day early in the morning we left for Kibo Huts ⛺️ arriving around noon. We ate some snacks and left for the summit at 1PM sharp reaching the summit at 6:20PM. Basically it took us 29 hours and 20 minutes to get to the summit.

Around 8PM we were back at base camp and spent the night leaving Saturday morning at 5:30AM and hiked all the way back to the entrance gate and arriving there around 12:30 PM. All in total the mountain took us 47 hours and 30 minutes to trek up and down.

I carried my gear all the time from Tanga To Summit!


Love the sea to summit variation. This is awesome!

Definitely is a nice way to climb the mountain. I`m glad it off the list. Haha. Would have loved to use another route instead of the road. Too much traffic and gets hot during the day. But I`m going to find an alternative for this Sea To Summit route.

Wonderful story and photos!

Big congratulations! Outstanding!