FKT: Ja Shua Ried - Yosemite Falls Trail (CA) - 2019-10-02

Route variation
TH-to-Tioga Rd (Valley Escape)
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
2h 9m 9s

Started from the sign for "Yosemite Falls" at the edge of the Camp 4 campground. Ran/power hiked up the falls trail and kept right at the first trail junction, heading towards yosemite point. without going right to the point (but the vista was in sight) start trending left to continue heading uphill. at the crest of the climb the trail turns from obscure rock to a more defined, nice, and fun, rock and pine bed as you descend for a few minutes towards the creek. Once over the creek you will climb a little ways and get to a junction. Keep left for Tioga Rd and stay straight towards Tioga Rd all the way to the road. Note that there is a final junction right near the rd; to the left is a trail that is 1.2 miles and runs to the west and parallel to the road, whereas there is a .2 mile long direct route takes you onto an old worn out paved road and up to Porcupine Trailhead. This was a very fun and direct route to get from the valley to the road. The trail is around 95% uphill making it a great route to grind up without beating yourself up too much. Now if you decide to turn around and head back to Camp 4....well, Yooohoooo!