FKT: Jack Kerby-Miller, Nathan Kowalski - Lost Coast Trail (CA) - 2018-08-04

Route variation
Northern section
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
6h 9m 14s

You know it was with Kowalski! Met friends backpacking south at the midpoint. Exchanged Ices. Felt good, hard. 60% loose black sand and rocks.

May not qualify as self-supported: We carried 1 smirnoff ice malt beverage which we gave to friends heading south at mile 13ish. in exchange, we were given 1 smirnoff ice (also exchanged a set of car keys) both ices were consumed at the rendevous, and we carried the bottles out to recycle. Conservation of mass? Finished this last August (2018), didn't intend to run it for an FKT, just ran to help our friends shuttle a car... we were going to do another round in June of this year, and I wanted to find the southern route to do something new and maybe double the milage (the description of the southern portion on this site was perfect, thanks!).