FKT: Jack Kuenzle - Massanutten Mountain Trail (VA) - 2019-10-26

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16h 49m 4s

Wasn’t planning on doing this, just didn’t feel like doing the normal same boring weekend long run. Didn’t go at race pace, although it wasn’t exactly leisurely. Over about 60 miles was a death march, regardless. I’m sure it will fall soon, just a decent baseline for an unsupported effort. Part of me died on the final climb up to Crisman Hollow.

Also from Strava (along with a few photos):

I woke up on Saturday feeling particularly uninspired by my normal long run and decided instead of chipping away at the Massanutten loop I’d just get it over and run it in one go. Overall, it went fine and although I didn’t exactly go out at race pace, I set the unsupported FKT on the trail at (Not difficult as there have been exactly 0 unsupported speed attempts). For reference, every year a race called “The Ring” takes place here and the course record is 13:29. Trail was extremely technical and rocky and was incredibly annoying. Otherwise, I brought way too much food (6340 calories vs the about 4500 calories I ate), ran all the scenic sections in the dark, and had the only 18 words I knew of the lyrics of “Song of the South” by Alabama stuck in my head for all nearly 17 hours. Photo of me is from mile 35. Elapsed time: 16:49:20