Route: Massanutten Mountain Trail (VA)

Virginia, US
70.4 mi

The Massanutten Mountain Trail is a National Recreation Trail. It is a 71-mile loop in the George Washington National Forest, on the ridgelines of the eastern and western ranges of the Massanutten Mountain. According to the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club (VHTRC): "The 'trail' is hard, rocky, and slow. Sections of the trail have been around in some cases for centuries, but the entire, uninterrupted, 71-mile Massanutten Trail was not completed until 2002."

With the close proximity of a very active group of ultrarunners (VHTRC), the MMT ring was run by Chris Scott and Anstr Davidson (27h51m) even before it was officially dedicated in 2002. Since then, VHTRC organizes a race of the route every September, and some fast times have been recorded. Here is a list of winning times for each year, from the VHTRC website:

2002   Harry Bruell 16h45m
2003 Ryan Henry & Randy Dietz 19h32m
2004 Sue Johnston & Scott Brockmeier   19h11m
2005 Jeff Wilbur 17h15m
2006 Event Not Held  
2007 Mike Schuster 15h41m
2008 Keith Knipling 14h46m30s

(for results after 2008 please go to the VHTRC website)

There is also a reverse loop run organized in February.


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On Thursday, September 3rd at 3am I will begin a self-supported FKT attempt, clockwise, on the Massanutten Mountain Trai(MMT) aka "The Ring".  I'll cache a resupply of water in 6 spots along the way and nutrition in 1spot.  FUN!  

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On Saturday, February 24, 2024 I will attempt a supported reverse direction ("Reverse Ring") FKT on the Massanutten Mountain Trail. I'll have crew support from a friend.