FKT: Jacob Baril-Arnason - Prescott and Russell Recreational Trail (ON, Canada) - 2021-10-09

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Total time
8h 11m 51s

Started the run a little before 10 AM, i was carrying 3L of gatorade, 1 redbull, wallet and cellphone. Ran the first 50 km fast, felt great, after 50 km i faded pretty quickly and would run 5 km than walk for 1 min did this three time till 5 km became 3 km than 2 km eventualy had some stomach cramps so had to walk bit with a little running and by 80 km went back to running 2 km walking little and repeating this till the end. My parents picked me up at Anderson road, so i ran by them to the finish where the trail becomes railroad and walked back 2 km to Anderson road.