FKT: Jake Grossbauer - Ozark Trail: North Fork Section (MO) - 2021-03-05

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5h 42m 14s
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Began at the Pomona trailhead just after daylight(6:35am) The morning was cool in the 30's. The run was done heading SW with the first 11 miles being amazingly maintained with trail leaves blown. The forest was primarily pine forest mixed with Missouri hardwoods. I had my Ultraspire Momentum vest carrying flasks in back coupled with fueling on the run with Spring energy. I had Ryan Maher as my crew at stops approximately 6 mi, 11 mi, 20 mi and finish. Miles 11-20 were lesser maintained and required more slow down of my pace to maintain trail as well as it being more climbing than the first 11. My feet remained dry thru the first 10.5 with a water crossing(knee high) there and then some soupy trail just before mile 20 as well. The last 7ish miles were in Devils Backbone wilderness were the trail is unmarked due to regulations of wilderness areas but was incredibly runnable hitting a few sub 10 and 9min miles. You make a large descent near mile 25 and the trail makes a hard left where a straight trail takes you to a nice riverside view of the North Fork. Turning around you are met with a large 300+ climb for mile 26 before peaking out to a steady flat to downhill finish at the southern end of Devils Wilderness along another amazing pine forest.