FKT: Jake Handerhan - City of Buffalo Perimeter (NY) - 2021-05-24

Route variation
Standard loop
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6h 45m 20s

Really cool run, photos in the verification link on Strava. I go to school at UB so it was sweet to run around my adopted city. First half went smooth dodging around heading south. Nothing crazy just kinda constantly checking the route map and waving good morning to folks. Did my best to stay on the outside as prescribed, not always an option given the sidewalk locations and a lot of spring construction. heading west went great and it was getting brighter but not super hot yet. from the botanical gardens to the Naval Memorial it was largely bike paths and backroads I've been on before biking. Also had a couple field labs down near Tift before. A little east of Riverworks there was the most major construction on a bridge so I was forced to make a little detour to the bridge to the south. If anyone does this in the future spring is apparently the construction season so beware and be ready to dodge. Turning north was where I started to feel it the most. The heat of the day was really here at that point, but the route pretty much follows the shoreline bike trail north so easy enough to focus on taking in fluids. I started walking up the bridges and ramps at this point. It was about 80 degrees, I'm built to live farther north than this. The northbound section ended up pretty solid though and the island, Unity Island, in particular was a super awesome section to run. I hit a wall around Vulcan St and meandered down Kenmore Av with all I could muster left in the tank, essentially doing intervals of running a block and walking a block. Then boom, back to South Campus, and promptly across the street to get a coke and McFlurry from McDonalds. All in all three aid stations around miles 10, 20, and 26. I never carried more than a liter of water on me and given how long it took me probably should have had more water, and food. I also ended up eating exclusively Honey Stinger cracker bars, for better or worse they're just so good you know? Great day overall!