Route: City of Buffalo Perimeter (NY)

Submitted by David Lee on Sun, 09/27/2020 - 10:17pm
New York, US
32 mi
Vertical Gain
540 ft

Founded in 1801, Buffalo, the Queen City, is New York's second largest city.  This route is a  32.9 mile / 50+ km flat Urban Ultra that follows the perimeter of Buffalo.  This  route featuring sidewalks, residential streets and multi-use/bike paths. 

For this route, you will start in front of the University at Buffalo South Campus and look to follow the outermost street / path where practical.  This route can be run in either direction. 

As an urban ultra, it has multiple opportunities for self-supported Aid station stops at local stores, or for out of the way places to establish aid caches.   

Detailed Directions (Clockwise)

This route generally stays to the outermost edge of the City of Buffalo, while staying in the City. The street name signs for Buffalo are blue while the suburban town street names signs are green.  With this being said, the border does split several streets and you will be running through several towns in order to cover the four corners of Buffalo.


Starting in front of the University at Buffalo sign on the corner of Main St and Bailey Ave. Head South on Bailey Ave , then East on Windspear Ave, South on Century, crossing over Kensington and heading South-West on Cleveland Drive.  Then South on Eggert Road, until it ends and then bear right, still heading South, on your first brick road -  East End Drive.  After one block, bear again to the right on Humason Ave until Pennock Place, head West until you come to the path that will take you South across Schiller Park. On a hot day you can cool off by running through the splash pads. 

Heading South

Exiting the Schiller at Stewart you will then head East on Doat street, where you will continue heading South on Littlefield Ave.  You will then head West on Walden Ave.  Soon after  that turn there is a possible Porta-John in Walden Park.  Head South on Wex Avenue until you come to the CSX tracks, then head West on West Shore Ave.  Along W. Shore you can see some decent graffiti on the Train cars.  You will then come to a set of stairs and climb up to Bailey Ave and head South until Broadway.  Head East on Broadway until turning South on Goeth St. After one block, head West on Reiman until turning South on North Ogden St. Take your first Eastbound street, Vanderbilt, which then bears South taking you once again on to Goeth St. At the end of Goeth, you can take either set of stairs down William Street to head South East.  At the immediate fork, head South on Richard Street and the South on Cambria.  At the end of Cambria, there are several Aid Station options. 

Exiting Cambria, head West on Dingens St then South on South Ogden Street.  After the Bridge, head East on Griswold St then South on Cochrane Street for one block then bear slightly to the right to head South on Pierce Street. After one block, head West on Casimir St, then head South on South Ogden (last time turning on Ogden).   At the end of South Ogden, head West on Mineral Spring Road then South East on Frank Ave.  Bear East at the end of Frank, which turns in to Pritchard St then Zittle St.  Then head South East on Fields Ave, going by Seneca Indian Park and ending on Indian Church Road.  Head South West on Indian Church Rd  until heading South West on Junior Ave.  Then head South East on Durstein St to the end then bear South to enter into Cazenovia Park.  Take the South trail in the park until exiting on Potters Road.  Head South East on Potters Rd until turning South on Onondaga Ave.  Take this to the end and your Southern journey is complete.


Head West on Dorrance Ave, several Aid Station option in the Plaza on the South side of the street.  Continue on Dorrance Ave through McKinley Circle.  Then head South on South Park Ave until the entrance of South Park, the park.   Head clockwise around the ring road, past the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens.  Exit the park by taking the Path in the South West Corner, the head West on Ridge Road until the end.  There are several local business on Ridge Road for Aid Stations. Cross Fuhrmann Blvd and your Westward journey is complete - you have made it to the water. 

North Along the River

Take the bike path, heading North along Lake Erie until bearing North East on Ohio Street.  Passing the Row Buffalo mural outside of the Buffalo Scholastic Rowing Boathouse, you will follow Ohio Street to it end on South Michigan Ave.  You then have path or street options to take you to North through Canal Side to Marine Drive & Veterans Park.  At the of Marine Drive, head North on Erie Street, as it bears East then head North West following the path next to Lakefront Drive.  Continue along the path or on Lakefront Drive, until joining the path entering into LaSalle Park. Exit the path and follow the ring road(s) in your choice to exit on Porter Ave.  Heading North East, you will quickly exit Porter to head North along the path next to Rotary Row.  This will bring you up along the Black Rock Channel and exit you to continue heading North on Niagara Street.  There are several Aid options on Niagara St. 

Exit Niagara St, by heading West on West Ferry Street and crossing over the Black Rock Channel again.  This bring you to Unity Island, where you will follow the North on the multi-use path.  The Niagara River will be on your West and the Buffalo Sewage Treatment Plant will be on your East.  This will bring you to Unity Island Park where you will then head East to exit the park onto Niagara Street.  Then head north on Niagara Street, where you will have several Aid station options. Then head East on Hertel Avenue to join back up with the Northbound  path along the Niagara River.  You will stay on this path passing a dog park and then joining Black Rock Canal Park.  You will then head up the pedestrian, getting your last view of the Niagara River,  that brings you over Route 190 to once again head north on Niagara Street.  Your Northern journey is complete once you reach Vulcan St.   

East & Home

Head West on Vulcan St, taking it to its end. Then head South West on Kenmore Ave, coming to traffic circle.  Continue on Kenmore Ave, by heading West and taking the sidewalk on the South side under the bridge.  Turn South on Military Rd until you are once again about to head West on Kenmore Ave.  There will be a number of Aid Station options along the way to the end of Kenmore Ave.  Follow Kenmore to the end, then head North West on Main Street until you once again are standing in front of the University at Buffalo sign on the corner of Main and Bailey. 


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