FKT: Jake Reid - The Stirling Completion - 2023-12-07

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1d 12h 42m 58s
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I began from the East side of the Stirling Ridge Trail. I being the first to complete this route set out to summit all 6 peaks including the Stirling Ridge walk. 

This was genuinely the single hardest, longest, most ridiculous thing I have ever done in my life

My mate Andrew joined me for the Stirling Ridge Walk section of the route before I continued the rest of the route solo. I had a supply team that met me regularly with food, water, and medication as well as charge my earphones phone, and watch.

At about the 45km mark my knee clicked and I was then in incredible pain whenever I bent my right knee. This meant the last 65km I took every step with my right leg completely straight.

To have completed this means so much to me. The Stirling Ranges are where I discovered my love for the outdoors and hiking and are easily one of my favorite places on Earth. I had never walked more than 56km before this attempt and that 56km was training for this exact route.

I'm so proud of myself for making this happen