FKT: Jakob Källstrand, Ken Zemach - Vålådalsfyrkanten (Sweden) - 2020-09-25

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8h 24m 37s

Another great day on Vålådalsfyrkanten (the square route of Vålådalen in Jämtland). Runned together with Ken. It was a different game today without the 100K last two days before, as last time with Erik, even though the windy conditions were worse today. 

Nice scenery but not the best conditions, sometimes extremely windy and showers sideways. Quite cold. However, the colours are amazing and the route is really nice. This time we ran in the other direction, compared to last time, due to the winds. 

Today it was a great negative split and we finished well. 4h21m first half and 4h04m second half (more downwards second part but nevertheless). Really fun from the last hut to the finish. The huts were closed for the season today.