Route: Vålådalsfyrkanten (Sweden)

Submitted by jakob.kallstrand on Tue, 09/08/2020 - 12:45pm
55 km
Vertical Gain
900 m

Classical hiking route in Jämtland. To Google Vålådalsfyrkanten ("the valley square of Vålå") gives more than 2000 hits. To read more about the route in Swedish click here and here. The route start and finishes at the parking lot at Vålådalen mountain station. The route goes via STF mountain cabins STF Lunndörren, STF Vålåstugan och STF Stensdalen. Together with Vålådalen this forms a square which is the meaning of the Swedish word fyrkant. It follows the marked summer routes between these places. The route is in the nature reserve of Vålådalen and partly above the tree line, and partly below. Beautiful single tracks and a few shorter wade through some streams (also some larger streams with bridges). As hiking route this usually takes four days but no problem at all to run this loop during a day. Water supply is not a problem in Swedish mountain areas, as you may drink from small streams continuously.

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