FKT: James Ellis, Adam Marchant - Nidderdale Way (United Kingdom) - 2020-08-01

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12h 57m 56s
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This year sees the inaugural Nidderdale Way Ultramarathon organised by Punk Panther Ultramarathons in the UK. James Ellis and Adam Marchant decided to complete a reconnaissance run of the whole route ahead of the race itself. 
We began the run at just after 10.30pm at night, starting from Ripley where we parked just outside the famous castle. The first few hours were slow going given the dark and the amount of livestock in many of the farmers' fields early in the route. Hitting Pateley Bridge and then Wath (where we had left a car with supplies) in the early hours, we managed to see dawn break just as we were reaching the point of the course with some of the highest elevation of around 1410ft after six hours, around half way through the course. 
From here a long downhill stretch brought us back to Wath and Pateley Bridge, followed by minor undulations back to the start of the route.