FKT: James Ferguson - Mauna Kea (HI) - 2019-06-12

Route Variation
ascent from Hilo
Finish Date
Time (duration)
13h 21m 11s

Flagged due to lack of reaching the true summit, thereby cutting off about 400m of distance and a few m of elevation gain.

"Hilo to Mauna Kea Summit:
On June 12, 2019 I attempted the supported FKT. I chose supported mainly due to recent surgery and a history of altitude sickness, both of which left me potentially requiring additional support. Also, the visitor center was currently closed for construction and there were minimal facilities available.
I began at 04:00 on the bridge from Coconut Island, similar in location to the other previous attempts. 
I made it to Saddle Road at 06:15 and realized I could see observatories at the top.
I proceeded down Saddle Road and reached the Access Road at 10:54.
I continued up to visitors center and reached it at 12:53. It was this time I was beginning to show signs of altitude sickness with a moderate headache and nausea. After waiting for 50 minutes, I was able to continue. 
I ascended Mauna Kea at 13 hours, 21 minutes and 11 seconds. The GPS track does not completely follow previous attempts. After I encountered the sign requesting I not ascend to the summit due to respect of the cultural significance of the summit I instead ascended to the highest point next to the observatory. 
Although not the fastest time on the board, I am the only one yet to attempt this supported. I recognize this could and should easily be broken. I hope this attempt will spark continued interest in future attempts for this amazing adventure."