FKT: James Goodheart - Finger Lakes Trail - Letchworth Branch (NY) - 2020-10-18

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4h 38m 31s
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Got dropped off by my wife Emily and her father Henry in Mt Morris at the start near Murray Hill Drive, same as Jamie and Daven and took their queue on doing the route N-->S. Carried 3L of water and brought about 10 spring energy, but only used 2L and 6 gels. All the extra weight definitely made the legs burn out earlier than I had hoped. Briefly lost the trail a few times, enough to apparently lose the strava segment, but navigation seemed to go well otherwise, the trail is marked very well with yellow tree markings. Beautiful weather from start to finish. Happy with the run and excited to be the first known unsupported attempt at this route. Will definitely be back some day to improve on this time!


Great job, I'm jealous of the beautiful weather you had for the effort. Congrats!