FKT: James Hoher - Florida Trail (FL) - 2017-01-07

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Standard route
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28d 9h 59m 0s

I started Dec 10th at 10:23am, finished Jan 7th at 8:22pm with a new FKT of 28d 9h 59m
Much respect goes out to Joe Kisner who came before me, and has been very kind whenever I messaged him.

I summarized my hike in this blog post

Along the way taking 540photos, 200videos, and running into many(so many it was slowing me down!) who can verify where I was through photo, or just seeing me here or there.

In that blog post I've included a large chunk of the photos I took which have been uploaded to albums online, as well as my daily splits. As for the videos I haven't decided what to do with them, but if my hike comes into question, I will happily upload, as for now, most are just an (at times embarassing) reminder of the long days over the last month.

It's been fun, and as much as I would have said no, a week ago... I'd do it again :)

(James Hoher)