FKT: James Lauriello - Camp Murphy Loop (FL) - 2021-02-20

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2h 45m 30s
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Camp Murphy FKT 

Supported - 2 crew ; no pacer(s)

Start time: 7:28 am

FKT duration: 2:45:30

Crew check-points - mile 10 & mile 13 - to re-fill water

Weather - 60 degrees ; 81% humidity at the start, warmed up into 70's throughout run and was 73 degrees at finish point, humidity remained in the 70 - 80% range, partially cloudy, some light showers 

Course - the course (which can be partially flooded at times due to heavy rainfall) overall was fairly dry with two small (2-3ft) water/ tiny river crossings at mile 4.5 & mile 6.5. It had rained throughout the week leading up to the run and the humidity was high so horse flies were abundant from miles 4.5 through 7, which was not fun. Other than that it was a beautiful day to be on the trails, the course moved fast in the first 6 miles which was fun and segued well from single track to wider trail where you start to run on the dunes and gain some elevation. Trail overall was clear, clearly marked and easy to follow using the gps on my watch. No wildlife sightings. 

Overall the run went very well - met my crew for water at miles 10 (finishing segment 1 - at parking lot) and 13 (finishing the dunes segment at parking lot) ... the sun came out for the final 5k or so which drastically made the temp increase and made the ending of the run less exciting 

Gear: 2 nathan speedshot water bottles; initially took with me a solomon vest but ditched it at when I saw my crew at mile 10 

Shoes: altra timp 2's - these performed very well on this kind of course. 60% of the course is sugar sand dunes 35% single track trail with some roots and 5% is on a road.