FKT: James Lewis - Pinnell Mountain Trail (AK) - 2021-06-12

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Total time
6h 2m 29s

This is an area that I have been out to on several occasions and have done out-and-back runs from both ends of the trail, but have never done the whole trail before this attempt. The weather was great, bit of an overcast, mild temps, and slight breeze. This trail has no cut outs mid way so you either have to finish or go back to the beginning. I am getting ready for an ultramarathon later this summer so I was practicing running with all the required gear for that race, which includes carrying a minimum of 2 liters of water. I rarely run carrying that much fluid, so my pack was heavy at the start. There are several places to refill water along the way, although all water needs to be filtered or treated before drinking. But since I was carrying so much liquid, I was able to finish the whole trail without refilling my water. I had 2 sandwiches and a few gels throughout the day for calories. The day went really smoothly, and I was able to move through the mountains much quicker than anticipated. I ran the trail by myself, although I had a couple friends waiting for me at the end with my car, since it is a point-to-point trail.