FKT: Jamie Miller - Mohawk Trail (CT) - 2020-08-26

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6h 49m 45s

On 8/26 I ran the Mohawk Trail solo, starting at its northern most point, where it intersects the AT.  I started at 6:53 AM, on a fairly cool, clear Aug day.  I headed south on the Mohawk trail, which varied between nicely cleared and marked to completely grown over with thorn bushes (so many scratches :D) and hard to differentiate blazes from moss on trees :) I saw no people on the entire trail, except for some in a residential neighborhood in their yards. I stashed water and food at 2 places along the way; one at the parking lot at Rt 43, about 11 miles in, and another at the parking lot on furnace brook rd, around mile 23 (the second would not have been necessary for just the Mohawk trail, but I was also taking the AT back up to complete the Mohawk/AT loop).  For any going after - after 'corner of the pines' there is a road section, with a turn off onto a hard to see easement between 2 farms on the right - watch closely, its easy to miss, as you can see from my little detour!  Also - since navigation got difficult for me in Cornwall Bridge - go straight across the bridge, then  you'll see a sign for the Mohawk trail to go back into the woods!  After it all, I made it to the southern intersection with the AT in 6:49:45.  A really tough but gorgeous trail with a really cool feel to it!