Route: Mohawk Trail (CT)

Connecticut, US
25.3 mi

The [24-mile] Mohawk trail is a blue-blazed loop starting and ending on the Appalachian Trail in Northwestern Connecticut.  Its southern beginning is in Cornwall Bridge and it winds  through Cornwall to its northern terminus in Falls Village.  Along the way are stunning views, quiet ponds, old country roads, and plenty of exercise.

The Mohawk Trail was originally part of the Appalachian Trail before the AT was rerouted east of the Housatonic River in the 1970s. 

There is a Strava segment for southbound trips, but runners may go either direction.

Scott Gregor, in establishing an FKT on the Mohawk/AT Loop, set an FKT on the Mohawk Trail travelling from the northern junction of the AT and Mohawk Trail to it's southern junction in 5:27:12 on July 16, 2017. This was done as part of his run of the Mohawk/AT Loop.

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Mitch Morris and I will be attempting to send the route tomorrow, May 9. Going unsupported, likely N to S. I assume a team of two males gets counted under the "male" section and not some "single-gender male team" section, as I have never seen the latter.