FKT: Jamie Miller - Quinnipiac Trail (CT) - 2021-05-02

Route variation
Single New Q
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 40m 14s

On 5/2/21 I set out from the start of the New QT trail, at Kathan's Woods in Prospect CT.  As the Quinnipiac trail description mentioned, the QT has been rerouted by the CFPA, to be ~1.5miles longer, and starting at Kathan's woods, rather than at the QT Sign at route 68, near cornwall ave.  After about 1.5miles, the New QT crosses Route 68 (in a different spot than the original) then around a mile later, the new section intersects with the old QT, and the rest is the same as always.  Due to the similarities, the rule was made by the FKT site that 'to be considered for an FKT on the new route your time for the section south of CT-68 must be faster than the FKT time for the old route.'  My time for the section below Rt 68 was 3:20:31 (hit Rt 68 at 19:43 into the run).  

I stashed water (and Ramen noodles :D) at Brooks rd, about half way through the run, and it was well needed on this warm spring day!