FKT: Jamie Norton - Mount Greylock Round (MA) - 2020-09-06

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 4m 45s

Topped out all 9 peaks/ledges in the Greylock reservation. Those are:

Saddle Ball
Jones Nose
Round Rocks
Stony Ledge

Beautiful morning. Perfectly cool for most of it. Only negative was that I missed the turn somehow for prospect off of money brook, and so had to go up and backtrack from wilburs clearing. So that added a good mile and a half. But also avoided the hardest climb and toughest terrain coming up the other way on prospect.

The detour to ragged really is what makes this route. It’s about 4 miles but you start at about 3100 feet, have to descend to 2200, come back up to ragged at 2500, then backtrack to the AT where you started. Rough.

Surprise highlight was Jones Nose - really beautiful over there. Round rocks was nothing special but nice and secluded. Also was tired and sore and a bit delirious at that point. Coming back up jones nose CCC dynamite was horrible. I could’ve gone around a lower way I think, but that would’ve entailed a bit of road running and that didn’t seem like the spirit of this. Wanted to open up on sperry but was trashed by then. Pushed coming out of round rocks and then paid for it a bit I think. Descent on Haley farm was v fun especially the last mile, felt like I was moving quicker than garmin said.

All in all a beautiful perfect day for my first long solo trail effort