FKT: Jamieson Hatt, Casey Thivierge, Derek Mulhall - Thames Valley Trail (ON, Canada) - 2018-05-20

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15h 0m 15s
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We arrived on Southdel Drive bright and early, anticipating the fun day ahead. We started the journey at 5:30am. It was pretty chilly to start, and we were running into strong headwind. The terrain of the trail varied quite a bit. It had country roads, farmers fields, paved pathways and technical single track. We made our way towards the city of London and stopped at a Tim Hortons for food and water. We carried on through the city where we passed by Story Book Gardens and dodged many Canadian Geese. We were moving along very well so far. We made another stop at a Rexall pharmacy to refuel for the last time. After this, things got interesting. A lot of the trail was not maintained and we almost could have brought a machete. The weeds were quite high and it definitely slowed us down. There were also many trees down that we had to maneuver over or around. It all makes for better stories though. We all started to struggle the last while due to general fatigue, but more so the difficulty of the trail. We were pretty much out of water and ready to be done. Finally, we got off of the single track and entered St Marys. Next thing we knew, the rock signifying the end of the trail, emerged. It was really a fun day and many memories were made. Shoutout to Adam Blacklock for setting a great time on the trail before us. Adam also gave us some tips regarding the trail. It was very much appreciated.