Route: Thames Valley Trail (ON, Canada)

Ontario, CA
107.9 km

The Thames Valley Trail is a 110 kilometer hiking trail which follows the Thames and North Thames Rivers along most of the route. It links the Elgin Trail at the Elgin/Middlesex County line in the south with the Avon Trail in St. Marys in the north.

The southern portion passes through farmland on a flat clay plain before joining the Thames River south of Delaware. Through London, the trail follows a multi-use pathway much of the way and continues along the North Thames River. North of London the trail traverses the Fanshawe Conservation Area operated by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority. North of the Conservation Area the river cuts a deeper valley, and the trail offers excellent views of this valley at several elevated locations. Because some of the trail is on floodplain, flooding can be hazard, especially in early spring and late fall. As well as the main trail, several loop trails are described in the guidebook. These 26 km of loop trails connect with the main trail and provide hikers the opportunity to return to their starting point without having to retrace their steps.

GPS Track


The group of Jamieson Hatt, Casey Thivierge and Derek Mulhall will be attempting an FKT of the Thames Valley Trail on Sunday, May 20/2018. It will be a self supported attempt starting in Southwold and ending in St Mary’s. I will be carrying a delorme inreach. Here’s my link to live tracking... We plan to start at 5am or slightly after. We are leaving a vehicle in Southwold and have arranged a pickup in St Mary’s. We plan on using a couple gas stations for water and food. We’ll take some pics along the way and post on completion.