FKT: Jamieson Hatt - Cup and Saucer Perimeter Loop - 2022-07-29

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51m 58s
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I've been wanting to do this route for a while now. I hiked the loop the day prior to scope it out. This was pretty much a necessity. I got started at the sign near the parking lot at 6:45 AM. I went clockwise. This was my first short FKT in quite a while. So I tried to hold back a bit and see how it all played out. I felt not too bad actually. I also really needed to pay attention navigation wise. This is a perimeter loop, so a wrong turn could happen. The coolest part of the trail is on the adventure section. You go through a small crevasse, tunnel, then climb 2 ladders. Going through the crevasse was super dark, and I had no light. I couldn't tell where I was stepping, but I made it through OK. The tunnel you actually have to get down on your hands and knees for a second. So I made it through all of this OK then headed to where the lookout point is. No time to look though. I did that yesterday during the recon. After the lookout you stay up high by the cliffs. This part is the easiest part of the trail and the least technical. So I tried to roll through this nicely. Eventually, I made my way back the the lollipop stick section which gets technical again. At this point I was almost done though and I had to balance being fast and also safe. I did manage to make it back in one piece and was very happy with how it went. I had a lot of fun and recommend this trail to all. Now it's off to do another FKT on the same day. That's a first for me. I'm trying to take advantage of my time here on Manitoulin Island. I have a picture of myself at the sign signifying the start of the trail that I would love to upload on the site, but it won't.