FKT: Jan Wellford - Adirondack Great Range Traverse (NY) - 2009-09-21

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
6h 40m 44s

Wellford provided his splits as follows:

  • [*]Rooster Comb: 38:32 (38:32)
    [*]Lower Wolfjaw: 1:02:40 (1:41:12)
    [*]Upper Wolfjaw: 26:33 (2:07:45)
    [*]Armstrong: 16:37 (2:24:22)
    [*]Gothics: 15:41 (2:40:03)
    [*]Saddleback: 23:08 (3:03:11)
    [*]Basin: 23:57 (3:27:08)
    [*]Haystack: 41:24 (4:08:32)
    [*]Marcy: 47:38 (4:56:10)
    [*]Slant Rock: 31:50 (5:28:00)
    [*]Bushnell falls lean-to: 18:54 (5:46:54)
    [*]John's Brook Lodge: 18:35 (6:05:29)
    [*]Garden TH: 35:15 (6:40:44)

Wellford also provided some "tips" for doing the Traverse:

--The "ridge" itself is steep, rugged, and not very runnable in most places, although the 9.1 miles from Marcy to the Garden is, as is much of the 2.5 miles up Rooster Comb. Overall the hike is so rugged that I chose to use trekking poles and Montrail Hardrocks when I set my best time.
--The only water source on the ridge is near the col in between Basin and Haystack. There are two small streams crossing the trail -- the higher stream on the way up Haystack is the most reliable. Two liters gets me to this point, and two liters takes me home from here (although you'll find plenty of water on the Phelps trail if you want to stop and refill again).