FKT: Jan Zarella, Forrace Garcia - Three Fingered Jack Loop (OR) - 2019-08-19

Route variation
Loop Around
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 57m 53s

While celebrating my 43rd Birthday party with a group of close friends, I mentioned to my friend Forrace, that I was planning to run around Three Fingered Jack on Monday, August 19, 2019 and invited him to join. Forrace, who is always up for some crazy adventure with me, happily agreed! So, we decided to head out on Sunday eve, sleep at the Santiam Pass (PCT) Trailhead and get an early start Monday morning. We, joined by my dog Alex, started around 6:00 AM and finished around 1:00, going Counter Clockwise so as to get most of the hot sand part out of the way early in the day. Easier on humans and easier on Dog feet! The run on the East side was fabulously beautiful, followed by the climb up above Wasco Lake and then climbing again to the high point, Porcupine Peak. We took a brief lunch break after descending to the West side of the Mountain and finished our run all smiles before it got too hot for humans or Dog! We rewarded ourselves post-run with Sno-Cap Drive-in lunch and soft serve ice cream cones!!

Run was 100% unsupported, food and water were carried on our backs and fresh water was filtered from various lakes and creeks along the way.