FKT: Janessa Taylor - Joshua Tree Traverse (CA) - 2018-01-02

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
5h 49m 11s

I completed the Joshua Tree Traverse today 1/2/2018 starting at Black Rock Campground at 6:55 am. I arrived at the North Entrance TH with a time of 5:49:11. Unsupported as I carried one 1.5 L bladder and a 17oz water bottle (67oz of water) and around 1200 calories of food. No caches or crew were used. I carried all of my own food/water. My boyfriend Trevor & I started together, although he hung back while I went ahead to go at my pace for time. I had been forewarned about the first 5 miles - uphill in deep sand. It was pretty much as described - slow. Hit mile marker 5 near the top of the climb in 55 minutes. It was around 52 degrees at the start and hit 70 by the time I finished. I had plenty of water and food left over. I was surprised by the sand near the end of the run. I wonder if the sand packs down some if it rains? The cab driver who dropped us off at Black Rock mentioned that it hadn’t rained in 4 months, but ironically was suppose to rain the following day. Go figure! It’s a beautiful trail & landscape. No problems finding the route, it’s well signed.