Route: Joshua Tree Traverse (CA)

California, US
36.9 mi

This route follows the California Riding & Hiking Trail for 37 miles from Black Rock Campground to the North Entrance Station of Joshua Tree National Park.  There is no water along the route.

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Cassie Scallon attempted the FKT on 3/09/2019, but came up a bit short:

"I just wanted to follow up on the unsupported FKT attempt I had on the Joshua Tree Traverse last weekend. I missed Sarah Keys' time and ended up coming in 5:36:12, which looks like it may be the 2nd fastest time reported to your site. I uploaded my run on Strava here ."

Not a FKT but did this route in 9:00:53 this past Saturday.  Prettier than I expected and tougher (sand, wind) than I expected too!  All in, enjoyed the day tremendously!  

Heading out tomorrow morning around sunrise to go after the supported Joshua Tree Traverse FKT. Heading west to east. Dylan just set an awesome time so assuming it will be pretty hard. Got intel from Claire and YiOu.

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Headed out at 4:00am tomorrow 12/18/2021 for an out and back supported effort in partnership with LA Saves Track! I had a great convo with Jake Jackson about his experience on the Traverse and I’m excited for a strong desert adventure.

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I just ran this in December, with a few miles tacked on at the end to hit 40 for my 40th birthday. Epic route! My goal was to just finish, as it's the furthest I've ever run, but I'd love to go back and run it faster sometime. Here's a recap with some photos of the trail: