FKT: Jase Tischer - Umstead State Park, Every Single Trail (NC) - 2022-09-29

Route variation
any route
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 14m 48s

I decided to attempt this before Hurricane Ian hit. My original plan was to do this Sunday, but ended up with an unexpected day off of work today. So I seized the moment and went for it. I have had my eye on this FKT for awhile now. I decided to re work the route in a way to get the vast majority of the single track done on the front half of the run with fresher legs. I wanted to be able to get through the single track miles and get to the bridle trail to crush on the second half of the run. The plan worked well. I carried everything I needed in my Solomon Pack. My main nutrition for the run was Tailwind. I ended up taking in about 1600 calories of Tailwind. I also supplemented with 2 Honey Stingers. I carried 4 bottles. Two in my pack and two handhelds. I stopped twice to re fill my bottles. Once in the Horse Trailer parking lot and once at the Harrison Lot. Working the route to have single track in the first half, meant I would have to do the Turkey Creek Hills after 30+ miles on the legs. I knew it wouldn't be easy at that point and it proved to be right. The last 5-6 mile of Turkey Creek to the finish proved to be the toughest part of this run. I knew I had the FKT in hand if I could just hold it together and get up the hills and then take advantage of the downhills. That last downhill section on Cedar Ridge to the finish seemed especially long today! I rushed across the creek and sprinted the last 100 yards to get in just under 5:15. All in all a great day out there. I got a picture at the start and the finish. I was treating this as a race and didn't really stop to take pictures as I was going for the fastest time I could today.