FKT: Jason Espero - North Franklin Mountain Loop - 2022-09-25

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6h 12m 24s
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I started my solo run at sunrise so that I could minimize the amount of time I would be running in the sun.  I got lucky because it was overcast most of the morning with the sun finally appearing around hour 4 of the run.  I crossed paths with two snakes - first snake was tiny and the second snake quickly crawled into the bush when I ran pass it. I carried a 35oz hydration bladder with water, 17oz soft flask with water, 17oz soft flask with nuun hydration, and 7oz soft flask with Coca-Cola.  I ate a bean and rice burrito at around hour 3.  I ate a GU gel pack at hour 2 and hour 5. I ate 5 fast chew salt sticks throughout the run.  I carried all my fluids and nutrition using my Salomon ADV SKIN 5 Hydration Vest.  Overall, it was an enjoyable run because it was challenging, a very empty trail (couple mountain bikers and a small handful of hikers), cool weather majority of the time, and beautiful views throughout the trail.