FKT: Jason Hardrath - Cascades Trifecta (WA, OR) - 2019-08-07

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Total time
19h 28m 5s

Solo, Self-Supported, and Yes, in my geo metro (well, a Suzuki Swift but they are basically the identical car, save the Suzuki has 4 tiny cylinders instead of 3)
5 out of 5, would do again, would recommend to a friend!!! This was such incredible day. This was a first climb for me on Rainer. I was very pleased to make such a good go of it solo on first sight. I will say. I was certified to climb solo by the rangers by submitting a request form, as well as current employment at Shasta Mountain Guides and a climbing resume. I want to add that Rainer is a glaciated climb with inherent dangers that you should be ready and equipped to handle well before attempting any sort of speed effort on it. But enough on that. 
Rainer: I found the Disappointment Cleaver route to be in good condition as described by the climbing rangers. I made sure to clip into available pro when available.
Adams: South route was soft and slushy but also very melted at this point which made for a slow up and down
Hood: very melted out and again slushy where not made a slow go of it, Old Chute was in pretty bad shape with an open crevasse half way up that you could barely skirt around on the far far right as you look up at it from below. Climbing this in the dark by headlamp was certainly the scariest part, was very glad to have two ice axes with me to keep three points of contact while moving through this. 
Let me tell you, seeing sunrise on the way up Rainer and sunset while on the way up Hood, made for a surreal sandwich of a day in the mtns.
Oh, there are some rough gravel roads on the drive between Rainer and Adams, so if your car costs more than $800 unlike mine, make sure you have good clearance and tires.
Start below Muir Steps at Paradise: 3:13:01am
time to Rainer Summit: 3hr 55min 42sec
Rainer RT: 5:52:45
Start at Adams: 12:01pm
time to Adams Summit: 3:17:37
Adams RT: 4:46:59
Start on Hood: 7:00pm
time to Hood Summit: 2:44:53
Hood RT: 3:41:06
Time of Day at Trailhead on Hood: 10:41:06pm

Time Total including drive time: 19:28:05
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