Route: Cascades Trifecta (WA, OR)

Washington, US
Oregon, US
17.1 mi

The Cascades Trifecta consists of climbing the 3 highest peaks in the Northern Cascades. They are Mt. Rainier (14,411'), Mt. Adams (12,276'), and Mt. Hood (11,239'). Rainier is the highest peak in Washington, and Hood is the highest in Oregon. Standing on the summit of Adams, the other two peaks dominate the view, calling for a link-up.



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Tomorrow, 8-7-19, 

I will attempt the “Cascades Trifecta” solo and a geo metro, for the driving portion.

Stoked and Nervous.

For any interested, I will try to update my Instagram story @jasonhardrath with time stamped video and photo as close to real time as cell service allows

That was Amazing! 3 summits, 1 day. I loved it. Would happily do this again. Will submit results over morning coffee