FKT: Jason Hardrath - Cosmic Wall, Mt Hubris (CA) - 2019-06-19

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1h 44m 47s

A local guide who leads rock trips let me know that he regularly does laps with no rope and that there is a downclimb to the climber's right or descender's left of the rappel chains, so I decided to go give it a blast and just onsight the downclimb. It is there seems like there are a few viable options.

Legs felt heavy off start and I let it get to hot in the day, half way up the trail I realized I forgot my chalk bag which shook my confidence a bit since sweat was dripping off me

And gawd, I did almost lose my composure at the lower crux where you have a three finger sloper pocket and a shallow pinch with some very airy, tiny feet to stand on and I was getting way less than optimal friction...f$@*! remember your damn chalk, this granite is slippery when wet, lol.

37:51 up to bushwhack at 2.45mi

7:05 through bushwhack to Cosmic Wall

2:02 to change shoes

20:43.6 up Cosmic Wall 

(1:07:42 car to summit)

9:25 downclimb descenders left of rappel anchors

1:59 change shoes

7:28 bushwhack back to main trail

18:12 back down to trailhead