FKT: Jason Hardrath - Ding - Dang Canyons (UT) - 2020-11-28

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
59m 30s

Ding & Dang Canyons - 2A II-III (5.4yds)  - This semi-technical canyons loop is one of the top-rated and frequently written about canyons loop in all of the San Rafael Swell area of Utah (second only to Little Wildhorse - Bell Canyons Loop, which is its non-technical next-door-neighbor). The rock and movements are amazing. You will want to do these loops slow to savor the views before doing them fast. But once you have rehearsed them, these Utah canyons are nature's obstacle course races!!! ...and this one is phenomenal and a classic!  

I had a blast running this one out.

There was webbing on the Dang Canyon part of the loop on the obstacles. I did take a small tumble into a pool during a stemming obstacle, while a group tried to let me pass by going over over them then slipped back down faster and further than I wanted safe out there.

I am sure this will see faster times, but it was fun to take the loop under 1 hour!

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