FKT: Jason Hardrath - Maryhill Stonehenge (WA) - 2020-01-24

Route variation
Laps in 1 Hour
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Finish date
# Laps
Total time
59m 56s

"Heinous. Asinine. Only to be considered a fools errand. I loved it." - Jason Hardrath

1 hour of tiny 120m circles.
So how could I stay away.
In this same silly vein, I ran a marathon around a single city block in 2019.
So this is a 2020 iteration of how Jason like to do silly things, guess I don't take myself too seriously.

I would recommend switching directions either half way or every 15min...I didn't, the body hurts...

Couples or Team Challenge Idea:
Ashly Winchester and I ran this separately, at our own paces, but at the same time and I had the thought while we were running to make a fun couples challenge out of add your two scores together for team records. You each go at your own best pace, at the same time, and add your total laps together at the end.
so whether it remains unofficial or becomes official Ashly Winchester and my combined score was ...

"217 laps "

I am sitting here laughing, imagining there eventually being a most laps run around Maryhill Stonehenge in 1 hour by team ...with like a team of 20 is a ridiculous affair!