FKT: Jason Hardrath - Rainbow Mountain, Red Rock Canyon NCA (NV) - 2020-03-26

Route variation
any route, car-to-car
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
3h 19m 2s

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I chose to climb “Solar Gully” 5.3 into “Solar Slab” 5.6 to knock out 1500’ of the gain as soloing these had been on my dream list for quite some time and it makes for a very direct, fast route.

Once at the top, due to not being familiar with the descent back to painted bowl when going from the Rainbow Mountain summit, and not wanting to reverse the one final serious pitch after the slab walk above the top out of SS, I chose to just run down the “hikers route” back to Oak Creek Canyon Trailhead

I don’t think this is the fastest possible combo, as I think someone could turn the Painted Bowls or the gullies to the east of solar slab into something faster.

But alas, I got to live my dream of soloing up the 1500’ of Solar Slab today so, I am a happy man

TH-Summit 1:54:40
3min 15sec on Summit
Summit-TH 1:21:06
Total time: 3:19:02

- Ultimate Direction FKT vest
- Tailwind Nutrition in 1 liter of water
- rappel line 6mm, 60m by Mammut
- Arcteryx Norvan VT
- Ultimate Direction Hat with the bill “popped”
- Goodr sunglasses ?
- Sufferfest “FKT Beer” to celebrate ?