FKT: Jason Hardrath - Rainbow Mountain, Red Rock Canyon NCA (NV) - 2021-03-25

Route variation
any route, car-to-car
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Finish date
Total time
1h 51m 20s

(Photos in Strava)


This one has been in my crosshairs for awhile now.

@mountainhighadventures, Chris Gorney, smoked my 3:19:xx via Solar Slab with a blistering 2:38:56 via Rainbow Direct.

I had doubts that it was even possible for me to move that fast on Rainbow Direct. It is an adventure route for sure. Easy to get lost, so many gullies look the same. I have rehearsed this route many times in preparations, it always exacts a price in blood (see later photos). Desert plants are so angry, they seem to want to hurt you. 

And to be honest Chris Gorney is a Las Vegas Red Rocks LEGEND! So much so that as I was running off the mountain today someone asked, "is Chris with you?"
...I should have answered, "Yes!" Because, in my imagination, a ghost of Chris Gorney was bearing down on me...driving my burning quads down the mountain... igniting reserves only accessible in the most urgent of times.

I needed this. I have been going through some lows recently, including doubt that my preparations for WA Bulgers 100 FKT were actually preparing me to perform on that brutal terrain. 

This was the perfect litmus test.

I quieted my doubts.

Listened to my heart.

Trusted my preparations.

And let my body find its rhythm.

When I hit the summit in 1:09:43, I was blow away.

"I can smoke this thing! This can go!"

Heart rate at 190 from the last surge, I still only paused long enough at summit to snap pictures... 

Then began fleeing the summit, as if being chased!

I only let up and moved methodically above the fixed lines and exposed rock scramble sections. Otherwise it was full send!

For me, in my current fitness, I knew the descent could go sub 1hr for me...I didn't think of it going in less than 45 minutes.

I love this route. Deep respect to Chris for making this go so deep for me. Putting an effort down on this that required rehearsals, memorization, and visualization to have a chance...

This one will be a fond memory for as long as I have a mind.

The new FKT = 1:51:19.9

So blood, sweat, doubt, angry plants, complicated scramble route, over 3k' up then back down in under 5 miles...


I hear Vegas Local and obstacle racer, Raymond Fong is already inspired by my effort and did a rehearsal lap faster than the old 2:38 mark. Here he comes to reclaim it for RRRunners! Which puts a smile on my face. I want to see this route get fast! I want to see locals build a speed culture on these routes, like we see in Boulder on the flatirons! I have the clarity of vision to see this space is bigger than my own effort!

And I do think this time is good enough on a difficult and confusing enough route to demand rehearsal. So it will need to be a local or someone who takes multiple rehearsals to memorize the route to take this faster. It would take an insane athlete or the route to get more well trodden to onsight this faster that 1:51. Which to me is a good mark to leave behind.

I will call it now and say that this route will go faster than 1 hour on the ascent at some point. 

And the descent will go around the 30 min mark.

Maybe it will be Raymond, maybe it will be you?

This means the ideal running, with adequate practice, by the right athlete will see a mark near the 90min mark, car to car.

For those following my story, this is number 97 on my journey to 100 FKTs

Jason Hardrath (or follow more of my story on STRAVA, IG or FB)

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