FKT: Jason Hardrath - SmURPL (Smith Rock Ultimate Ridge & Peak Linkup) - 2022-10-16

Route variation
Open course
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 54m 50s

Clean execution bested the existing FKT but tons of time left on the table here.

I am feeling off and out of tune and popped a 201 heart rate with 2mi to go and had to back off instead of throttling down to kick out, that alone is worth 5 min.

Someone like Nathan Longhurst or Travis Soares could really have a hay-day on this thing. Would also love to see Olivia Amber or Nicole Kandra get SmURPL'ed.

I am sure Kyle McCrohan is going to shout out Daniel Briggs to come snag this back too! 😆 what are friends for 😆 

Anyhow, Daniel is right. This is a great way to experience the park. It links the 3 high points in a run-scrambler friendly way, something I have been aiming to do for a number of years. BRAVO Daniel 👏 


Asterix pass 7:45

North Summit SMG 17:51

Misery Summit 38min

Monument Summit 56min

Eagles 1hr 23min

Wombat 1hr 29min

Top of play structure 1hr 54min 50sec elapsed

Regarding the confusing gpx track on top of SMG Daniel writes "I started out at by scrambling the top of Smith Rock Group - I'm still not sure which point is higher so I topped out two different spires here, one which felt quite exposed at 5.6ish. I think any of these should be accepted because they are all of similar heights." within his own FKT recent report.

Since Daniel recommends "any of these" it is my opinion that tagging the SMG North Summit is correct for this route both aesthetically and based on speed, future attempts should follow suit.


Who's next?!?


A quick thanks to Gnarly Nutrition, COROS Global, Path Projects, and Norda Run shoes!