Route: SmURPL (Smith Rock Ultimate Ridge & Peak Linkup)

Submitted by Daniel Briggs on Mon, 05/23/2022 - 03:31pm
Oregon, US
10 mi
Vertical Gain
3,500 ft

A variation of this has been popular with runners who go to Smith to climb and need a rest day activity. The route links the summits of all of the major formations in the park in any order and by any linkup trails. No matter the specific route used, it is at least 90 percent running, with a few class 4 or low fifth scrambles to reach most of the high points. In the attempts I know of the route starts and ends at the artificial climbing structure for kids by the main parking lot, and climbed the Smith Rock group first, though the route should be allowed in any direction. Overall, this is a great way to weave through complex terrain, find solitude in the park, and cover exciting terrain. It is great as a destination run for those that are comfortable with route finding or as an activity for a day off from climbing. 

Included summit scrambles are:

  • Smith Rock Group (highpoint goes at low fifth)
  • Misery Ridge (class 2-3 boulder near the main hiking trail)
  • Monument group (Monument Spire is climbed by a low fifth, unexposed chimney)
  • Marsupials (Wombat is climbed by a short low fifth route on the back side)
  • The artificial climbing structure by the parking lot
  • Note: Koala was included in some of the past attempts I know of, but is not added here as it is a sub-summit of marsupials
  • Note: Monkey Face may be considered an independent formation, but should not be included as it would make SmURPL 5.8 A0
  • Note: Squaw rock is also omitted because it is outside of the park boundary