FKT: Jason Hardrath - Ubehebe Crater (Death Valley National Park, CA) - 2020-12-30

Route variation
complete laps in 24 hours
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Total time
15h 42m 57s

"32 for 32" - a 32nd birthday running project in reflection inward, while doing good outward.


32 laps ran in 15hr 42min 57sec totaling 56.69 miles and 14,656' gain raising over $400 (at the time of my writing this) for Big City Mountaineers, a non-profit with the mission of getting at-risk youth into the outdoors within a mentorship framework. 

Notes from Strava upon finishing:

Yesterday, December 30th was my birthday. A day often spent celebrating self, which is wonderful and important, but I decided I wanted to celebrate my 32nd lap around the sun by running 32 laps around Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley National Park to raise money for a charity that partners with local guiding companies to get at-risk youth into the mountains for mentored experiences. As a physical educator, I have seen the powerful experiences in the outdoors, with the physical challenges and beautys there, can forever change a young person. One cannot climb a challenging, immaculate mountain and come back down seeing themselves or the mountain the same. One cannot learn to survive in the backcountry, go out and successfully do so, then come back with the same self-concepts or believes about what they can or cannot do. One cannot go out and face the emotions that can be experienced out there and come back to be overwhelmed in the same way by the stresses of society. These and so many more lessons. My 32 silly laps raised over $320 dollars, that won't be silly, they are votes of confidence in the future of a kid who others might think won't make it. But, I was that kid. There were educators and even people of my home church who thought I was a kid who "wouldn't make it". I choose to believe in the kids. That is why I teach, that is why I mentor, and that is why I ran 32 silly laps to raise money to provide them a paradigm shifting experience.
It is because I choose to see the potential, foster the dream, and instill the love for the process that leads to them being actualized. Passion for movement and the outdoors have been a huge part of my own journey through life, I hope to spread that...
You can still donate to Big City Mountaineers on my Facebook or their website if you feel moved!

With all the love my 32 year old heart can muster,