FKT: Jason Hardrath - Upper Muley Twist (UT) - 2020-05-11

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
2h 34m 29s

Photos on Strava.

THIS ROUTE WAS AWESOME! Loved my time up on the “Rim” part of the route. Fun. Classic cairn following/routefinding on slab and sand. Went as described hitting the rim first and then the canyon. It was HELLA windy. So much sand in my eyes that i had to throw away my contacts afterwards.

Had a pretty quick day on this and even snagged a crown on strava mid-effort so I am happy to post this as the current FKT.
Again excited to see how much a local is going to shred this...I am thinking sub-2 is doable in pretty short order by the right athlete with the right knowledge of the route.

Ultimate Direction Adventure Vest 5.0 - my go to vest, light weight, good fit, carries all i need
Ultimate Direction Hydroskin Shorts - I love the fit. Still not liking the pocket fabric quality. They say they will address it in a future iteration
Tailwind Nutrition: 400 calories in 1.25 liters (if you’re the first to ask me my favorite flavor, and I will mail you a trial packet)
Altra Superior: these handled pretty well, I just can’t find a pair of Altras i can say i like on technical terrain though
Athletic Brewing: “Free Way” NA double hopped IPA