FKT: Jason "Ras" Vaughn - Pacific Crest Trail through WA (WA) - 2014-08-29

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13d 14h 58m 0s

OFFICIAL UNSUPPORTED WASHINGTON TRAVERSE ONLY KNOWN TIME 13 DAYS, 14 HOURS, 58 MINUTES, COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED. I carried all my food and gear from the beginning. and picked up no cache or resupply. I carried all my trash until the end and made no drops. I accepted no hand outs, gifts of food, or trail magic. I did not forage or hunt and ate no wild foods. I covered 507 (?) miles from the Canadian border to the Oregon border in the middle of the Bridge Of The Gods, by foot. Huge Love and Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and positive vibes. I guess this is one limit I still haven't found yet, although I felt close on a couple of occasions. Onward with this grand experiment of Life and Living.

Here's a link to a interview about the Unsupported Washington Traverse

Here's a link to my Facebook profile, where I posted status updates before and after the trip, as well as dispatches from the trail during the Unsupported Washington Traverse


Hello Jason,

Are you able to provide your time from Rainy Pass to Stevens Pass? I’m looking at trying to set that unsupported FKT, but technically you have already done it, just indirectly via a longer route. Thanks!


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On Monday July 17th, I will attempt to set the Unsupported FKT for this section of the PCT. I will be going NOBO, starting from the bridge of the gods and following the Pct to the northern terminus. I will follow the same ethic as Jason describes in his trip report, as well as strict adherence to the Unsupported guidelines described on this website. 

I’ll post updates if and when I can on my instagram @w__barrett